August 12, 2011

a nursery is a room, too

When I saw this nursery on Elements of Style yesterday, I just had to re-post it.

One of Erin’s readers sent in photos of this nursery that she designed herself with inspiration from the blog. I really love that it doesn’t scream “BABY!” when you walk in the door. It just looks like any other room in the house, creating a cohesive design scheme. The color palette is beautiful and the furniture is all very functional… it could grow with the baby or be used in another room of the house down the road.

This abstract art is so great… the homeowner said it came from a flea market for only $35! In fact, almost everything in the room was a DIY project or a steal. Her two big splurges were the Madeline Weinrib rug and Josef Frank pillow/crib skirt fabric.

I especially love the idea of adding a sofa, which gives the nursery its own little family living area.

After looking through my inspiration file, I found a few more nurseries that are similar concepts. This one from Design Crisis is pretty great. The paint color, rug and art are so unexpected!

Jennifer DeLonge’s nursery, as featured in InStyle Home, just looks like a really cool space… with a crib. I really wish there were more photos!

Lindsay Brier, who owns Anyon Interior Design, created this room for her son. It was featured on Project Nursery, where Lindsay shared that she wanted the room to flow with the rest of her house.

I’ll return with a recap from my trip to Arkansas!


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